Catalog Product

Catalog Product
  • The software does not limit the number of Products, Categories or Options.
  • Item discounts based on quantity ordered.
  • Order discounts with single or multi use discount codes.
  • Products can be linked to multiple categories, and multiple option groups.
  • Product categories can be “nested” within each other.
  • You can display the entire category tree, or only from a certain point in the tree.
  • Link images or other HTML to the category display.
  • Group products so that they are displayed together on the product detail page.
  • Option Groups can be individually set to Optional or Required. This way you can make sure that the Customer selects all the right options.
  • Options can be given a weight which will be factored into the shipping cost calculations along with the Product weight.
  • Support for “text” options which allows a customer to enter text when they order a product.
  • Digital Downloads are fully supported. All downloads are done through a script that checks the order status before allowing the download.
  • Store can be run in “Catalog Only” mode. This way, the store acts just like an online catalog, without any links to a shopping cart.
  • Dynamically create product listings on your “Home Page” by setting product(s) to “Featured”.
  • Cross-Selling is supported via a related keys mechanism. This method is much less work than physically linking dozens of Products manually.
  • Tax-free products and options.
  • Support for product Ratings & Reviews per product.
  • Support for product suppliers.
  • Support for product manufacturer.
  • Support for product brand.
  • Support for option level inventory, e.g., inventory by color and size.
  • Multi-Image product views – each product may have multiple product detail images associated with it.
  • Gift Certificates – CandyPress now supports gift certificates that you define.
  • Multiple Product Options – Select from checkboxes, drop downs, or radio buttons on each product that has an option added. Each option can also have it’s own price and stock level.
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