• Several utilities to test and troubleshoot your installation.
  • On-Screen help is available for most functions.
  • Easily manage Products, Categories, Options, Customers, Shipping, Locations, Orders and much more.
  • Upload Product Images, or Profile images on Dating Sites, Adult Apps, (see Fuckbook Case study for more information) and Software Items from your browser to your web server.
  • Store shipping rates are calculated by order weight and/or price. The amount charged for shipping can be calculated via fixed price or percentage. Ability to assign Free Shipping to an individual product.
  • Support for UPS, USPS and Canada Post online shipping rates.
  • Configure sales tax per postal / zip code, municipality, state or country (billing or shipping address).
  • Activate/Deactivate individual customers.
  • Manage your orders from an intuitive screen. Order stock levels can be adjusted when the order ships.
  • Add private comments to each order, or comments that the customer can also see.
  • Statistical Charting tool.
  • Restrict digital downloads to a specified number of downloads, or a pre-determined number of hours.
  • Integrated Authorize.Net gateway allows you to authorize and collect Credit Card payments from your order management screen.
  • Ability to override any customer selected payment method with a Authorize.Net Credit Card payment. This is usefull if the customer changes their mind about how they want to pay for an order after the order has already been placed.
  • Emails sent to customer via the store can be customized to suit your requirements. Dynamic replacement of text can also be done.
  • Send HTML Newsletters to your customers directly from your store.
  • Order Entry (POS – admin) – Need to take orders over the phone? Now you can with ease and you can control who has acces with our new user roles.
  • Wholesaler Pricing – you can now establish a whole sale price for your products and allow a customer that is in the wholesaler role to view those product at wholesale pricing.
  • Image Resizing – Wish you could upload only a single image and have it displayed as a list image, thumbnail, and product view image, you can now with our integrated image resizing addition. An as an added benefit you’re pages will download faster because only the single image must be download not three different images.
  • Unit of Measure – You can not define how an item is sold by the box, crate, dozen, or whatever you define.
  • Discount exempt products – ever wish you could exempt specific products from the order discount process? You can now, just set the product exempt flag on the product and it will be exempt from order discount.
  • Optional phone and ship phone number entry in account signup – don’t wish to require your customer to enter phone numbers? You can now control this input from the store configuration.
  • Quick Product Update – Ever wish you could do simple updates to a product without having to go to the full product update detail page. Now you can change a products description, list price, price, whether it is a featured product, whether the product is active or not and if reviews are allowed.
  • Search Query Logging and Reporting – wish you knew what your customers are looking for when they do a search? CandyPress now logs customer searches so that you can analyze them.
  • Product minimum quantity – product may now specify an minimum order quantity.
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