How do I become a CandyPress Developer?

The developer plan is primarily aimed at software developers and web designers. When you buy a license from us for a particular product, you automatically qualify to become a developer of that product. As a developer you can buy licenses from us at a discount, and resell those licenses to your customers for the full price.

How do I get the developer discount?

To receive the discount, you must send us an email with a valid order number for any existing order you have placed with us. We will then create a 15% discount code for you that can be used for future purchases.

What are the rules and limitations?

1. You cannot advertise the shopping cart, re-brand or sell it as a standalone product or your product. In the past, this practice caused a lot of confusion amongst customers who weren’t sure if the reseller / developer was legitimate or selling “bootleg” copies. Therefore, you can only sell the cart as a supporting product to other services. For example, developers will mainly be web designers who occasionally want to use our product to install a shopping cart solution for the customer.

2. You must buy a license from us for EACH copy (modified or unmodified) that you install. For example, if you want to use our software to implement a shopping cart for a client, you must buy a license from us first (using the discount). You will then bill your client for the full price.

3. You may replace or remove all visible references to CandyPress on the store front pages. You may not remove the CandyPress copyright notices within the scripts and on the pages shown via the admin (back-end). You can however add your own copyright notice if you made modifications to the code.

4. You may modify the code on behalf of a client to whom you are selling the license. For example, if the client wants a special function that is not available as standard, but can be implemented by modifying the code, you may make such a modification.

5. You may charge extra for any modifications you make or services you provide. For example, you can charge extra for adding functionality to the product, installing the product, customizing the layout and design of the product, etc.

6. You may write and sell modified source packages (mods) to the CandyPress base source code. For example, language packs, batch update mods, enhancements to the store administration. You may not sell a complete store as a modification or a complete administration package.

7. You may not sell an entire modified or unmodified CandyPress Shopping Cart. For example, a stand alone shopping cart software package for used car dealers based on CandyPress.

8. A mod must replace or append files to the original CP files and structure.

9. You are responsible for all support for the products you modify and develop.

Your clients can not contact us directly for support unless your client made the purchase at the full purchase price..

CandyPress reserves the right to change these rules at any time.

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