About CandyPress

CandyPress™ Store v4.1.1.29 is an eCommerce application for small businesses. The application consists of two components – the Front-end component, and the Administration, back-end, component. A great deal of time and effort has gone into making our products as easy to use, and as reliable, as possible. Have a look at the extensive list of features we support, or check out the online demo for a first-hand look.

The CandyPress eCommerce suite acts as the command center of your online store. Powerful and versatile, yet easy to use and intuitive, it enables you to easily manage and administrate your orders, product catalog, shipping rates, locations, product reviews, customers and much more.

Installation is easy. Simply copy the software to your web server as indicated, run the installer from your web browser and you’re ready to take your store to a whole new level.

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