CandyPress, a Cavallo Communications LLC company provides technical support to our customers using the Cavallo Communications ticket system, as well as our FORUMS, which provides peer to peer, and company to peer support free of charge in an open system so others may benefit from finding their answers quickly, and share their ideas.We STRONGLY encourage you to sign up for our FORUMS and search for your answers within.We also welcome you to share your experiences, tips, and tricks with others using that mechanism.If you have researched your answer, and cannot find what you are looking for, then you may open a ticket using our ticket system.The following applies to opening tickets, and the support options available:

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Free Ticket-Based Support is ONLY Provided if:

  • The software, scripts and database structure has NOT been modified in any way.
  • The data in the database has NOT been directly modified outside of the Administration product.
  • The software is installed on a web server configured by a professional server administrator.
  • The software was purchased directly from us, not through a web designer / developer.
  • Your version is of version is on the latest build which is posted on our home page or support forums.
  • You have searched and posted your question on our support forums, and were unable to find the answer.
  • You have not removed our copyright information from the administration panel.

  • Enter Ticket System

    PAID Ticket-Based support is provided as described below:

    • You may purchase an "incident” ticket at $45. This is an initial diagnosis of the issue of any CandyPress cart that does NOT fit the above criteria (ex. Modified, Previous Versions, etc.)
    • If it is determined that we can fix your issue within 1 hour, your support request will be covered by the "incident” ticket.
    •  If it is determined that we need additional hours to repair an issue on your cart, our hourly rate of $75 applies and will be billable (minus the $45 that was already paid by the "incident” purchase)
    • You may be asked to validate your CandyPress License, please have your order number ready, or entered into the ticket to speed the process.
    • You may purchase an incident below, and to speed the process, please provide your ORDER NUMBER of the incident purchase in your ticket.


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    Customization Requests:

    Our current rate is $75 per hour. We will be more than happy to quote customization for CandyPress carts. You may use our support ticket system to open a quote request from us.

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