How do I become a CandyPress Developer?

The developer plan is primarily aimed at software developers and web designers. When you buy a license from us for a particular product, you automatically qualify to become a developer of that product. As a developer you can buy licenses from us at a discount, and resell those licenses to your customers for the full price.

How do I get the developer discount?

To receive the discount, you must first have purchased a full version of one of our products. After your first purchase, you may login to your account at any time, and click on "Developer Account" and place your application. You must ALSO have an active account and participate in our FORUMS.

What do I get as a developer?

1. You are entitled to 15% off all full versions and upgrades of our CandyPress software licenses.

2. Access to our "Developers" forum area where you can learn more about what's in the works for the future of CandyPress, and rights to beta testing of future modifications and releases.

3. Access to bug fix "Diff" files to easily update your customers carts in the event of a minor release.

4. Additional discounts once purchasing a minimum amount of product for use in your designs.

5. The opportunity to be listed as a developer on our site, or recommended by us to provide service to our customers (if so desired)

What are the rules and limitations?

(While our intent is not to have so many rules, these are all common sense that we ask you to follow)

1. You cannot advertise the shopping cart on it's own, re-brand or sell it as a standalone product. You may only sell the cart as a supporting product to other services. For example, developers will mainly be web designers who would like to include a shopping cart in the overall design of their website, or will be modifying the cart to fit a specific customers needs.

2. You must buy a license from us for EACH copy (modified or unmodified) that you install. For example, if you want to use our software to implement a shopping cart for a client, you must buy a license from us first (using the discount). You will then bill your client for the full price. All purchases MUST include the domain name of the customer you are installing for in the event we need to support them in the future, and for license verification.

3. You may replace or remove all visible references to CandyPress on the STOREFRONT pages. You may NOT remove the CandyPress copyright notices within the scripts and on the pages shown via the admin panel, nor change the admin panels title. (Specifically the area that says "CandyPress Cart Administration) You can however add your own copyright notice if you made modifications to the code.

4. You may NOT take modifications from later releases to update code of customers you may have that are on older (no longer supported versions). An exception this this rule is that you purchase an upgrade on their behalf, and then you may modify their older code using that. You may want to update a cart that is heavily modified and the customer is not ready for a full upgrade, yet needs a particular update we have available.

5. You may modify the code on behalf of a client to whom you are selling the license. For example, if the client wants a special function that is not available as standard, but can be implemented by modifying the code, you may make such a modification.

6. You may charge extra for any modifications you make or services you provide. For example, you can charge extra for adding functionality to the product, installing the product, customizing the layout and design of the product, etc.

7. You may write and sell modified source packages (mods) to the CandyPress base source code. For example, language packs, batch update mods, enhancements to the store administration. You may not sell a complete store as a modification or a complete administration package, or release full copies of the database schema.

8. You may not advertise and sell an entire modified or unmodified CandyPress Shopping Cart on it's own.

9. A mod must replace or append files to the original CandyPress files and structure.??10. You are responsible for all support for the products you modify and develop outside of the base code. If your customer decides to come to us for support, they will be billed for the time spent.

11. We may audit your license purchases at any time if we find that your customers are coming to us for support of products that were not paid for by you or your client.

How can I help CandyPress continue to release updates and support to the community?

Just like you, CandyPress is also a team of developers who work towards the common goal of providing a quality shopping cart to allow anyone to sell online at a reasonable price. As a developer, we ask that you do your part in helping us continue to do this. All development comes at a cost of time, resources and money - all of which we are very reasonable with. Here is what you can do to support us the same way we support you:

1. Always provide us with the proper URL of stores you purchase. Preferably would be to provide at the very least the customer business name in the additional comments when purchasing. We will never use that information to solicit business and comes in handy in the event you decide to move on from development and the customer needs help in the future.

2. Support your customer. We will help you do that, but for a customer that has a cart and cannot reach their developer usually comes to us. This can be a frustrating situation for the end user, as well as us trying to figure out what was done to their software.

3. Follow the rules. As stated above, it's important that licenses are purchased for your customers. Please do not steal our software and reuse it without purchasing a license. While we hate to even have to put this on the list, we have found some developers that have taken over 50 copies of our software to use for their customers with just making 1 purchase. We expect more from our developers.

4. Communicate with us. Post in the forums, ask questions and tell us how we can do better! We will listen. If you have a code snippet to fix a bug, or enhance on an item - share it! Our goal will never be to take your code and resell it, but if there is small modification you would like to share for us to include, it will only keep CandyPress going and more customers coming back for more!

Thank you to all developers for their support over the years, and look forward to many more working together!

CandyPress reserves the right to change these rules at any time
Revised: 01/06/2012

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