CandyPress 6.5 Shopping Cart - Upgrade (CP6.5U)

CandyPress 6.5 Shopping Cart  - Upgrade

This is the upgrade product to our Version 6 CSS Product. You must have a valid previous order number to purchase this product and all orders are reviewed before being released.

This version complete with a modern CSS layout to allow you to use just about any template design and that can work with using CSS.

You will now need to contact us for a quote for custom upgrades in the event you would like assistance.  This is due to the many and limitless customizations that can be performed when using our product.
If you have modified your cart (excluding simple template changes) you may use the contact us link above to discuss a custom quote for an upgrade if so desired.
With this upgrade you get the following new feature and enhancements:
  • Multi-Image product views - each product may have multiple product detail images associated with it.
  • Gift Certificates - CandyPress now supports gift certificates that you define.
  • Checkbox Product Options - we've did it, we added a checkbox option to allow your customers to select from an array of options each with its on own option price.
  • Order Entry (POS - admin) - Need to take orders over the phone? Now you can with ease and you can control who has access with our new user roles. User roles allow you to set exactly who is allowed access to what in the administration. Predefined roles are Admin, customer, wholesaler, and Customer Service Representative (CSR).
  • Image Resizing - Wish you could upload only a single image and have it displayed as a list image, thumbnail, and product view image? You can now with our integrated image resizing addition. As an added benefit, your pages will download faster because only the single image to download instead of multiple for each product.
  • Unit of Measure - You can not define how an item is sold by the box, crate, dozen, or whatever you define.
  • Product recommendations on the product view page. Wish you could up-sell right on the product view page? CandyPress now displays a list of products that other customers purchased along with the viewed product - you control the number of items displayed.

  • Product recommendations on the check-out page. Now you can up-sell right on the shopping cart page. CandyPress now displays a list of top products other customers purchased when purchasing the items in the cart.

  • Basic Wholesale Pricing - Products may now be listed with their wholesale price to customers that have been approved for wholesale purchases.

  • Discount Exempt Producs You can now exempt specific products from the order discount process. Just set the product exempt flag on the product and it will be exempt from discounts.

  • Shipping Address and Phone Number is now Optional during check-out.
  • Quick Product Update - Now you can do simple updates to a product without having to go to the full product update detail page. Change a products description, list price, price, whether it is a featured product, whether the product is active or not and if reviews are allowed all in 1 page.

  • Search Query Logging and Reporting - Now you will have reports of what people are searching for and clicking on your site.

  • Minimum Quantity for Products - You may now specify an minimum order quantity product by product.


  • Use of Carrier Rates for Google Checkout.
  • Latest FedEx Web Services Integration
  • FULL Inventory of Product Options.
  • Newest USPS Carrier Rates.
  • Update to Live Currency Rates.
  • Plus... Many More!


Note: A valid email address is required to be able to have the download password emailed to you.

Your email address will not be sold or provided to any third party.

BEFORE YOU BUY :Ensure that you have confirmed that your web host / server meets our installation requirements

 LICENSE : By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the License Agreement shown below. Each licensed copy of CandyPress allows you to install and operate, for Commercial Purposes, the software on one web site (domain) only. Thank you for your support!

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