Access to SQL Upgrade/Upsize (CP-SQL-UPG)

Access to SQL Upgrade/Upsize

This service is to take your Access database and Upgrade/Upsize it to SQL for better performance.  While we provide a tool to do this, you may be uncomfortable doing this yourself.  This is why we now offer this service.
If you have a modified cart that added fields to the databse, select the modified option. We will also configure your database to be "upgradable" to future versions of CandyPress. 
Once you purchase and pay for this option, you MUST go to and log a ticket providing the following:
1. FTP Details
2. New SQL Server Details (You can obtain this from your hosting company)
Work cannot begin until the ticket is logged and information is provided.  Invalid information may incur additional charges.
PLEASE NOTE: You must be running Candypress 5.X or above and have a valid CandyPress license when requesting this service.

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