From Brian Garside of All New Comics (

"I have used a number of other shopping carts, and CandyPress is one of the easiest to use, and more importantly, one of the easiest to teach a non-technical user.

Other carts promise tons of flexibility, and offer many features that simply aren't needed.CandyPress has focused on the most essential parts of getting a good shopping cart experience onto the web quickly and painlessly.From download to install, you can have a shop up and running in minutes.

Tight integration with shipping, payment gateways, and an active and vibrant user community, all add up to a terrific product.

The latest improvements, including some major security upgrades, and a complete overhaul of the front end (to use modern CSS based design) make CandyPress a contender for one of the best e-commerce applications on the market today."

-Brian Garside

From Lesley Bragg of Design Revolution (

"As an owner of a small growing business whose income is based primarily on internet sales, we needed a company that we could trust and count on consistently. CandyPress by Cavallo Communications came highly recommended to us by a close personal friend who has worked with them for several years.

For the last several months we have been working together to create our new website and the experience has been superb.Their expertise on the products he uses makes customizing our site very easy.They are extremely knowledgeable of CandyPress, which makes the conversion very smooth for my company. Their customer service and training on this product have been extremely helpful.They are available any time night and day, immediately addressing any concerns or questions we may have. They have also taken the time to travel to meet myself and my staff at an event three hours from their office.

It is refreshing to do business with a company that is knowledgeable of their products and provides exceptional customer service. CandyPress by Cavallo Commnications has exceeded our expectations and comes highly recommended by us."

-Lesley Bragg
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