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  • This is NOT a public forum. It is to be used solely for CandyPress and peer to peer technical support, unless otherwise noted. Sales or Billing related questions should be sent to us via the contact us link above, or utilizing our SUPPORT system.

  • Rude or offensive messages, including but not limited to messages containing profanity, pornography, hate speech and personal attacks will be removed without warning and the user will be banned from the forum.

  • We do not allow messages that accuse other companies or individuals of fraud or other criminal offenses on the forum. There is no way for us to verify those claims. If you notice possible illegal activity that may affect CandyPress or it's user community, contact us by using the contact us link above.
  • Under no circumstances can you "harvest" email addresses for any purpose such as "spamming". Members may only be contacted outside of the forum if there is a reasonable expectation that you have their permission to do so.
  • To maintain database efficiency, older forum messages may be removed or consolidated into a FAQ article from time to time.

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