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CandyPress™ eCommerce software has been used in thousands of online stores since 2002.Cavallo Communications, LLC made the significant investment in acquiring this product due to our enhanced ability to continue to support the many clients that are using the solution.We are dedicated to keep CandyPress™ up to date with the latest needs of our customers using the product.We continue to monitor the eCommerce market, and offer solutions that are cutting edge and fit with the current needs of the market.Not only has CandyPress™ serviced clients in this space for over 9 years, it has been continually supported by not only Cavallo Communications, but many developers throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia among a few.With the ease of customization and continual support, we assure our customers that CandyPress™ will be here for many years to come.Whether it is a change in integration, processing, or methods, CandyPress™ will continue to keep this product aligned with the needs of technology and the marketplace.
In 2010, Cavallo Communications, LLC acquired CandyPress™ which was the software suite we have been accustomed to supporting throughout our time in business.

Cavallo Communications, LLC is a registered business in the State of New Jersey.We have been actively in business since 2007 providing both online support of Networking, Desktop Support, and Web Design/Programming as well as servicing the local Philadelphia Metropolitan area via onsite support.

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CandyPress® is a registered trademark of Cavallo Communications LLC