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CandyPress has been providing FREE complete updates to software purchased since 2010. This includes MINOR and MAJOR updates to the release that our customer purchased, allowing anyone to re-download their product anytime a release have been updated. Lifting the 60-day MAJOR update rule was done out of courtesy to the community after Cavallo Communications acquired CandyPress. In order to better support our customers, yet provide a cost effective way to continue to provide quick and quality updates to current and future releases, we have put together an Upgrade Protection plan. This helps us offset the expense of development of new routines that become necessary or will benefit your product overall.

Here's the definitions:

1. MINOR Updates - These are bug fixes for issues reported in our forums or found by us that are critical to all customers, which includes small fixes to the code, security updates to comply with PCI, or a minor gateway change for one of our supported gateways. These will always be made available free of charge in a replacement package added to your account if you purchased one of the latest supported releases. Updates to any other API provided (example: Shipping API's), as well as editor updates are not included in MINOR updates.

2. MAJOR Updates - These are large updates which add feature functionality, complete replacements of an API (example: Shipping), editor upgrades, or any other addition that is not a smaller fix.

3. COMPLETE Version Upgrade - This is the next release of our software which out be a complete upgrade to your software.

How does it work?

MAJOR Updates and COMPLETE Upgrades are provided to customers for an entire year, and is renewable if you purchase Upgrade Protection - your cart will be automatically refreshed with the new update.

Without Upgrade protection after 60 days, you will no longer be able to download your software, and will only be entitled to MINOR updates.

Upgrade protection extends your rights to these updates for a FULL YEAR, and will be renewable from year to year allowing you to always keep your software up to date and protected.

You will also have 14 days from your date of purchase to log in and add upgrade protection.

(MINOR Updates are added to your order free of charge when announced with instructions on how to implement either in a readme file, or in our forums.)

How much does it cost?

Upgrade protection is available for only $34.95, and can be renewed every year within 14 days of expiration. You will be notified when it's time to renew. (Installation is not included)

How do I purchase it?

Simple. During checkout - you will see a notice in your cart to add Upgrade Protection. You can add this at the time of purchase and it will lock it to your software. You may also login to your account anytime within 14 days, click on your order, and follow the link next to your software purchase to add this on and checkout. This will also lock it to your purchase.

NOTE: From NOW until 2/15/2012, anyone that has purchased Version 5 or Version 6 may login and purchase this NOW to keep your purchase protected. You can login below, open your orders and add protection to your product. You will see the below next to your product.


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